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The most interesting and informative articles from around the world

PR in Austria - Red White Red Card - Posted on 24th June, 2016

The land of beautiful Alps and absolute way of peaceful living; welcome to Austria. Since world wars Austria has kept a silence and maintained a stride on the path of peace. It is the land where Western Classical music was born, it gave Germany the man who changed its...

Travel and Study Diaries- Spain - Posted on 23rd June, 2016

What is more beautiful than having a chance to study and travel one of the most beautiful countries of Western Europe? The sunsets and the sunrises, the call of the morning breeze, the contemporary lifestyle and the most important the splendid landscape spreading acro...

Travel Diaries : Ode to Paris - Posted on 21st June, 2016

The past, present and the future are so evident of Paris being the attraction for people across the world. People have been falling for Paris for ages together. It is the city of beauty and love which is for everyone. Everyone here find themselves as beautiful or handsome...

MALAYSIA - Travel Diary and Immigration - Posted on 20th June, 2016

“Malaysia truly Asia” quoted by the Malaysian Tourism, is so apt for this land of diversity. All the Asian countries have their own culture and diversity. Their utmost importance always remains that all the diversities in their land remain to the purest form w...

Dunes Travel Diary - DUBAI - Posted on 17th June, 2016

Sand hills, scorching heat with a hot spot for shopping, monstrous structures and the most amazing days and nights with a water foreground around it, if you have still not got what I am speaking about then let me raise the curtain. Welcome to DUBAI. For everyone Dubai...

Search of Divinity in the Land of Divinity- Thailand - Posted on 16th June, 2016

Asia has one of the widest varieties of cultures in the world. It acts as a cultural magnet for the people who roam around to find answers regarding religions, faith, monuments and much more. One such country which lies in a beautiful corner of this continent is THAIL...

Discover the Picasso in you in Spain - Posted on 14th June, 2016

The western point of this European Continent where sun goes down can be the rising point for your career in Arts.  The oldest cultural heritage country provides a variety of lifestyle as well as it gives a span for people looking for several courses in art. Trave...

UK Tier 5 Visa Processing Time for Temporary Workers - Posted on 13th June, 2016

United Kingdom is one of those countries that offer a special sector of visa for the people who want to portray their talents and creativity in performing up- stage. It is important for them also to give a chance to the career aspirers. People like musicians, theatre perf...

Become a model in Paris: Career and Work Visa - Posted on 11th June, 2016

Do you dream of becoming a model? Or want to grab an opportunity in the fashion capital for a boosting modeling career? Then fear not, the opportunity is just waiting if you have the zeal. So many young aspirers for a modeling career want to visit once the fashion cap...

Sports Travel and Immigration- UEFA Euro 2016 - Posted on 10th June, 2016

The football season is here!!! A popular peasant game of 19th century has become the craziest sport fever around the world. The first league of football was formed in England. Every time a football tournament is held in a country every person around the world wants to see...

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