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The most interesting and informative articles from around the world

Brexit for Hong Kong ? Its Meaning To the Ethnic Minorities - Posted on 8th July, 2016

In the early years, when China Sovereignty received Hong Kong’s submission, the ethnic minorities of the country were under the threat of ‘statelessness’. Around 7,000 ethnic minority families were denied of the citizenship, which were non- Chinese resid...

Social Media Information: New Addition to US Immigration - Posted on 5th July, 2016

International Travelling or Immigration has the following  series of steps  like authenticating visa, validating  passports, scanning luggage and even biometrics or retina scans . But the US border security and US customs have decided to notch this a bit by...

Happy Independence Day America! - Posted on 4th July, 2016

Happy Fourth of July America! Yes, you have come a long way from where you started America has given the world so much, barring a few aberrations, nothing could stop this country from becoming a super power. There are few things which I would like to mention with resp...

Second Chance for Brexit Referendum - Posted on 2nd July, 2016

Britain’s decision to leave EU has made supporters for Leave Campaign very much amused and in a triumphal state. But is everyone happy? Are people in Britain dealing in a positive way with the result of the vote result? Since the poll results, the amount o...

Career option in Germany - Mechanical Engineer - Posted on 1st July, 2016

Germany has taken many steps forwarded in welcoming the immigrants who are filling up the job vacancies in the country. One of it is jobs for mechanical engineers. It is the country with the highest employment rate for engineering workers in the European Union. Curren...

Skilled in the Field of Medicine! - Come to Australia - Posted on 1st July, 2016

If you are skilled in any medical field of assistance, with enough experience and planning to look for a job abroad, then look no more! Australia is giving the perfect opportunity for you to explore the world of medicine with your skills. Be it Anesthetics, Pediatrics...

America Honors Immigrants from Indian Origin - Posted on 29th June, 2016

Sometimes I am too proud to be an Indian. Not just a patriotic feeling but when I see how foreign countries look high upon Indians. It makes me proud enough to say that I am from India. Recent events have forced me to realize how important we are, to a country that is...

Indigenous Cultural Heritage of Australia - Posted on 28th June, 2016

Australia is a land of Cultural Heritage. It progresses hand in hand with the past, present and future. It has so much to give to every generation thriving in its lap. One of the greatest cultural aspects is the Aboriginal Heritage. It is a debate among people about t...

Travel Diaries - Montreal - Posted on 27th June, 2016

Montreal, a place where the blend of French and North American culture is evidently dynamic, caters many things in its lap for people around the world. Montreal gets its name from the mountain with three peaks, and the city spreads right around it; Mount Royal. The ca...

Ideate, Create and Build - Construction in Australia - Posted on 25th June, 2016

Have you noticed how many civil engineers switch careers and get into IT and software?  What they don’t know is that Australia needs people in the world of architecture. Civil engineers and architects both together have great prospects in Australia. If you ...

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