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Immigrants Help U.S. Technology firms to Remain Competitive

19 May 2018

Canada Immigration

During a ‘Democratic National Convention’ forum, Affluent groups are demanding the future presidential government to modify education and immigration agendas. Members of advanced technological and scientific foundations requested lawmakers to reform laws regarding immigration which are quite old. These laws demand a limit for an individual regarding his/her stay in US. 

Influential people like Brad Smith, Microsoft President, and Chief Legal Officer are also saying that “This is no longer a Microsoft, Facebook, or Amazon issue. Companies are only as good as the people we hire.” Smith also said that the improvement in such plans could only begin with the government.

Suzan DelBene, Washington Representative, advised that ‘broadening STEM program’ to the youth from smaller places will help them discover their career which they might not have visualized yet. Chief Privacy Officer of Facebook, Erin Egan spoke about making the access to internet reasonably priced, which is quite remarkable as well.  He said, “Infrastructure is a key pillar this agenda.”

To support these ideas the Democratic Presidential Candidate, Hillary Clinton stands as the supporter of Obama’s Immigration Ideologies. She stated that ‘it is a right thing to do’ to keep every family together between the plea for mass deportation.

In her website she is promoting the ‘staple’ the Green Card to STEM graduated Masters or Ph.D.’s of qualified organizations. A month back Hillary also announced that teachers would get full funds from the government, who are pursuing STEM degrees. She has promised to assist students whose student loans are getting delayed.

Whereas Republican Presidential Nominee, Donald Trump speaks absolutely against the Hillary Clintons ideas. He denies that the STEM shortage is not surplus. His immigration plan read, “We graduate two times more Americans with STEM degrees each year than find STEM jobs, yet as much as two-thirds of entry-level hiring for IT jobs is accomplished through the H-1B program.

He promises to raise the minimum income of H-1B visa holders so that companies will not look for workers who will work for less pay. According to the reports of last year, half a million vacancies are there in the IT fields of US. That’s why Obama’s government launched ‘TechHire’ program. In February, Department of Education divided $4 billion under Obama’s orders, to provide five years of Computer Science Education Plans.

He also instructed, “ensure all students have the chance to participate, including girls and underrepresented minorities." In April 2016, several governors and educators joined and penned a letter to Congress. In the letter, they clearly stated that they would be contributing $48 million to prove their commitment. The letter read:

"Technology is transforming society at an unprecedented rate. Whether it is smartphones or social networks, self-driving cards or personalized medicine, nothing embodies the American Dream so much as the opportunity to change or even reinvent the world with technology."

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