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Started functioning in 2000, Opulentus is one of the leading visa consultancies that has a huge client base in almost all major countries including Australia, Canada, Denmark, Hong Kong, USA and UK.

We have a solid track record of successfully processing all the visa applications to UK, USA, Canada and Australia. In fact, we have over 90% of the conversions for CPT program in USA, only from Asia, for the year 2008-09. Also, we have successfully filed highest number of HSMP visas so far.

Unlike other visa consultancies, Opulentus has strict client care policy in place. Every client who is registered with Opulentus would be given case officers with whom they can talk to people on status updates and other minor doubts they have.

Apart from this Opulentus even offers post landing services. Anyone who wants Opulentus to search a house for him/her in the country that he/she is migrating to can get it done by availing the post landing services.

Our expert counselors at Opulentus would look into your concerns, ambitions and also at the international market before they recommend a particular country for you.

Employment related to visitor visa, whatever your visa requirement is, Opulentus is always at your service.